Sunday, June 27, 2010

Camping ALONE with the kids plus 1

Eric was gone for a week to help out his brother in Oklahoma. While he was gone I took the kids camping. (We had made reservations a few months back before the Oklahoma plans were made and the kids were really excited to go so we went) We had a great time and didn't get into too much trouble. No one got burned and everyone had plenty to eat. We did get a little cold, but that is just the way it is in the Great Pacific Northwest.
My cute little pyros, but where is the flame?? It took me a while to get a good fire going, but I finally got the right idea when I decided to make a torch out of a stick, paper towels, and hand sanitizer....hand sanitizer works really well and burns for a long time:)
Violet and her sea dolphin
Amy can make friends anywhere and anytime and any age
Noah and Caleb LOVED finding tadpoles and wanted to bring home about 17 a piece. That didn't fly with me, so we put them back in their natural habitat:)

Motorcycle kiddos

Evergreen Fountains hosted a car show and the kids got to enjoy playing on one of the motorcycles. They were stoked!

Choo Choo

We were able to ride on a Union Pacific Train Wednesday and learn about train safety.
The kids had a great time and got to go with their friends Caleb, Sabrine, and Ava. They each got a cute hat and really enjoyed riding on the top of the train in the nice seats:)
Ava, Amy, Sabrine

Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day in Rigby

Glenna, Royal, Eric, Violet, Grandma & Noah putting flowers on the Carlson's headstones. (Noah, Amy, & Violet's 3rd-Greatgrandparents)
It's not everyday you see Eric holding a bunch of fake flowers!

Grandma, Royal, Nola, & Glenna

The kids with their Great, Great Grandparents

Horses, Horses, Horses

Violet was sooo confident on her horse. She could get this horse to walk backwards, turn, and stop. She was awesome!
Can you see the smile on this girls face??!!

Noah loved to get this horse to run. This horse is a professional barrel horse and it could run!

I'm happy just walking:)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Grandpa's Two Best Friends

Grandpa getting loves from Sparky and Violet!

Mommy Daughter Date

Violet and I enjoyed icecream and swimming on our Date last week. What a mess! I do love that girl.

Lost Dog

I found this puppy wondering lost on Barker Rd (busy street) and I decided to bring her home. The kids were sooo excited until I told them that we were going to find it's owner. We hung a few posters and by 5pm the owner (very excited to get dog back) came and got the dog. Amy and Violet were both in tears to see it go. Violet carried this puppy around like a doll and had a great time with her. I guess we will have to get one soon! AHHHH!

Violet singing for Mother's Day

Violet has really enjoyed going to Preschool with Ms. Jean. They did a great job singing to the Moms for Mother's Day.

Amy at Chelsea's Light Concert

Amy had a great time handing out Sunflowers at the concert for Chelsea. We loved coming to visit!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mike and Cindy 36th Anniversary

Monday, March 16, 2009

Silver Mountain Resort

Why can these people not stop smiling???
No kids, blue sky and skiing/snowboarding!

Getting ready to attack the slopes. Eric's dad retired his skis to Eric earlier this year and we tried them out last weekend. Little did Eric know that skinny skis are soooo yesterday and fat skis are in. One of the lift operators even commented on it. Pretty funny.

Yes, I am on the bunny slop, but it has been a while. I had a great time and did not blow my knee out like the last time I was on a ski hill. YEAHHH!

The magic carpet up the bunny slop was really slow and Eric got this great pic of me:)

Wrestling Week 2

This is just a short segment of Noah's meet. He wrestles 3 times
for 3 minutes each time. He won this round because he was
able to get the kid on his back.

Dress Up:)

Violet and Paige playing Princess!

Wrestling Week 1

Okay, so I don't get the outfits, but Noah has a lot of fun:)

You are going down sucker!

Snow in March!

I'm glad that most of my family can smile when it snows in March.
Eric and Violet spent some time in the snow and built a mini-snowman.

After church, Violet had to go and see the snowman. Anytime she sees
snow she calls it "snowman". 

CV Days at the Mall

Central Valley School District displays the talent of all the schools
in the district at the Mall for a week in March. Amy sings in
Mountain Melodies at Summit School.

She loves to sing and perform.

We are so proud of you Amy Sue!

On a family hike

Me, Bethany, Katie
What a great View!

This was a cute little light house at the end of our hike.
I like the red top especially.

The waves and water were so blue....amazing.

A little windy, but I couldn't help myself. I love to climb rocks.

Pearl Harbor

Arizona Memorial
Very somber, over 1100 men were buried in her when she sank.

Arizona's anchor.

The Speed Clan
Katie, Eliza, Brent, Emily Bethany, Dad, Mom, Paul

Me in HAWAII!!!!

Me and my Dad at Pearl Harbor

My cutest, newest niece Eliza Mae

Look at the view from our Hotel room!!!
Me and my sister Carrie.
Thanks for having a reception and living in Hawaii:)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Abraham Lincoln

Noah gave a speech on a book he read about Abraham Lincoln.
Isn't he cute!

Making Cookies with Violet

Cooking with kids is always an adventure. We have been
trying to teach Violet to smile at the camera and this is
what we usually get:) She has a beautiful smile when we
aren't behind a camera. She is a funny kiddo!