Sunday, June 27, 2010

Camping ALONE with the kids plus 1

Eric was gone for a week to help out his brother in Oklahoma. While he was gone I took the kids camping. (We had made reservations a few months back before the Oklahoma plans were made and the kids were really excited to go so we went) We had a great time and didn't get into too much trouble. No one got burned and everyone had plenty to eat. We did get a little cold, but that is just the way it is in the Great Pacific Northwest.
My cute little pyros, but where is the flame?? It took me a while to get a good fire going, but I finally got the right idea when I decided to make a torch out of a stick, paper towels, and hand sanitizer....hand sanitizer works really well and burns for a long time:)
Violet and her sea dolphin
Amy can make friends anywhere and anytime and any age
Noah and Caleb LOVED finding tadpoles and wanted to bring home about 17 a piece. That didn't fly with me, so we put them back in their natural habitat:)


Steph said...

Fun fun. . .can't wait to see you guys in Hawaii! YAY!

Sarah said...

Brave Momma! And I agree, it's a success if there are no burns....